We Build Blockchains

We automate industries and enterprises inside the blockchain ecosystem by implementing bug-free smart contracts that bind efficiency, transparency, and security for any business transaction over 70+ use cases including, DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Supply Chain, MLM, etc.

Smart Contract Development Company

By realizing the importance of blockchain technology and its smart contracts, ZiLab turned itself into a Full Stack Smart Contract Development Company by creating smart contracts with zero bugs for various industrial use-cases Like DeFi, NFT, Supply chain, Dapp, Exchange, Gaming, Banking, and Other Enterprise use cases. We have a pool of smart contract developers who can build smart contracts with different functionalities on different blockchain networks Like Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Tezos, Binance Smart chain, Hyperledger, and so on. Join us to automate your business and bring revolution through blockchain smart contracts.

Business Benefits of Smart Contract Development

Complete Automation

Elimination Of Middlemen

Tamper Proof Data Backup

Immutable And Self-

Use Of Cryptography Technology

Ultra Speed Execution

Dispute Resolution

Secured Transactions

Compliance Management

Cost Effective

70+ Smart Contract Use Cases We Work For


Smart Regulation



Social Media Identity

And More

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Stable Coins

Lending & Borrowing



Yield Farming and More

Supply Chain

IoT Sensor

RFID Tracking

Invoicing & Insurance

Customs Clearance

And More






Virtual Land


Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

Flight and Marine Insurance

Agriculture Insurance and more

Enterprise System

Cloud Blockchain Applications

Private Blockchain

Solidity Computation

Off Chain Computation

lockchain Abstraction Layer

External Payments

Banking Payments

Retail Payments

Crypto Payments

Employee Salary



Internet and Telecommunication

Power and Energy

Water Consumption

Waste Management

And More

Identity and Authorization




Social Media Identity

And More

Smart Contract Development Services

2 Architecture & Prototyping

Our experts undergo crystal clear architecture design, and freezing the technical requirements, complete workflow with proper documentation.

Designing & Beta Development

We empower the smart contract implementation with advanced technical internal designing and then moving it to the development with proper testing

Auditing & Bug Reporting

Our smart contract experts Audit & test the complete workflow, as well as the internal functionalities and reporting the filtered bugs for reinforcement process

Smart Contracts Optimization

We offer a smart contract optimization process to minimize the gas price, improving token performance, quicker invoice creation, secured private key management and more.

Contract Re-Engineering Services

We exploit the reported auditing documents and employ the remedial actions to enrich the Smart contract by undergoing the proper optimization techniques.

Smart Contract Deployment & Upgradation

We finally Deploy the Beta smart contracts into the main network after several A/B Testing, and upgrading the working functionalities without any vulnerabilities.

Ethereum Token Development Services

Smart Contract Development For MLM

We create and deploy error-free smart contracts to create decentralized smart contract MLM on various blockchains like TRON and Ethereum. The MLM platforms powered with blockchain smart contracts will be fully decentralized and can reduce the risks, increase the trust, eliminates the involvement of middlemen within MLM DApp

Smart Contract Development For NFT

We develop & deploy bug-free smart contracts to launch your own NFT Marketplace or NFT tokens on any blockchain network such as Binance Smart Chain, TRON, Ethereum and more. As NFT Marketplace development and NFT token development relies on developing smart contracts to carry out the operations, we ZiLab develop, deploy, and audit smart contracts to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract Development For DeFi

Our developers create smart contracts to accelerate the fast booming Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Industry. We develop blockchain smart contracts to build your own DeFi Dapps with high-end security,scalability & reliability with more technical as well as user attractive features and plugins.

Smart Contract For Crypto Exchanges

We create smart contracts to track, execute and manage the assets during the crypto transactions between buyer and seller of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. This smart contract acts as an automated system for order matching and asset holding in the crypto wallet of the DEX platform.

Smart Contract For DApps

Smart Contract Development for decentralized applications is one of our smart contract solutions. As dapps are a unique kind of blockchain apps, which will proceed with a unique kind of automation procedure based on the dapp nature. We are experts in creating smart contracts for dapp games that underlies any kind of blockchain network.

Smart Contracts For Crowdsales

Customized smart contract development services specially for ICO, STO, ETO, IEO and any kind of blockchain crowdsale programs. The created smart contract could have high security and traceability on token issuance, agreements and claiming process. We make your crowd sale successful with our enhanced smart contract development service.

Smart Contract For Businesses

Blockchain is not only for cryptocurrency applications, it could renovate any kind of industry. Wherever blockchain becomes a priority we can create separate smart contracts for the entire ecosystem. We create smart contracts for blockchain empowered industries like healthcare , supply chain, real estate, automotive, insurance and finance.

Smart Contract For Metaverse

Smart Contract Development For Metaverse helps manage the trades and exchanges happening on your Metaverse platform. Metaverse is nothing but a virtual representation of the real world and so the activities in the virtual world are also similar to the activities in the real world. We build efficient smart contracts to completely automate your Metaverse platform.

Smart Contract For DAO

Smart contract acts as the fundamental element of your DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) platform. The DAO is completely autonomous and transparent as smart contracts set the foundational rules. We ZiLab makes your DAO platform autonomous with no central authority with our unbeatable smart contract development service.

Blockchain-Specific Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

For any kind of tron applications like dapps, tron games, tron based mlm, DeFi Projects, and NFT Projects We create and deploy fast perfoming smart contracts on a fixed time frame

Smart Contract Development

We have expert ethereum smart contract developers who are expertised in creating smart contracts especially for ethereum token development on any ethereum token standards. Apart from this we create smart contracts for dapps, defi projects, nft projects and other ethereum applications.

Binance Smart Chain
Smart Contract

We render the first in class Smart Contract Development on Binance Smart Chain especially for DeFi, NFT, and BEP 20 Token Development Projects. You can Hire Our Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract Developers On a Part-time, Full Time or on hourly basis.

Major Industries We Focus


Real Estate


Crypto Exchanges


Gaming/ Gambling




Supply Chain Management


Finance And Insurance


Identity Management








Retail Industry



Hire Our Smart Contract Developers

At ZiLab We provide an exclusive opportunity for our valuable clients to easily hire our smart contract developers for any offshore development projects either on a part-time, full-time, or hourly basis. Hiring smart contract developers can bring better results in the expected time frame.

Why Choose ZiLab for Smart Contract Development

Our experts are skilled in developing bug free smart contracts to automate all your business operations. We develop & deploy smart contracts with no vulnerabilities and here are the reasons why clients find us for smart contract development.


6+ Years Experience


150+ Blockchain Projects


Bug Free Smart Contract Development


Agile Development Process


High End Tech Support


Quality Output


Skilled Developers


Corporate Expertise