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Automate the Trading

Trading bots are the smartest way to make profit in Crypto trading. At ZiLab we build trading bot applications that can automate your Crypto trading with ‘N’ kind of trading strategies. Want to build your own crypto trading bot? connect with us now.

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot
Development Company

The Success ratio of trading in the financial market is highly dependent on execution of trades on time. When it comes to the most fluctuated and unpredictable cryptocurrency market it is a highly complex task for private traders to properly track the market fluctuations, identify the risks, and engage in professional trading. Programming everything inside a bot can help traders to ensure safe and professional trading 24×7.
ZiLab – Being the top notch cryptocurrency exchange development company, we are always looking forward to rectifying the flaws faced by universal traders in cryptocurrency trading. We develop, deliver and integrate fast performing trading bots that complete all your trades with efficient strategic trading programming. Create crypto trading bots, and make trading more flexible.

Trading Strategies We Incorporate in Bots

Copy Trading

We include copy trading APIs when developing a cryptocurrency trading bot to automatically copy the trades opened and managed by other traders.

Time Trading Strategy

We incorporate a time-based trading strategy in our crypto trading bot development to make trades at the perfect time which brings the most profit.

Mirror Trading

Let the traders choose the proven best trading algorithm or criteria of top traders, and the algorithm will make better decisions on automated trading.

Trading Bot Development Services

Enterprise Solution

ZiLab offers Crypto Trading Bot Development Solutions for Enterprises with advanced trading features and plugins. We develop & deploy blockchain-based smart contracts for automatic bot functionalities.

Bot Customization And

We develop Crypto trading bots based on the customer requirements with customization along with the original functionality of the bots. We also offer the integration of third-party bots for existing crypto exchanges.

Bot As A Service ( BaaS)

Users from any part of the globe can utilize our cloud-based crypto trading bot development models to customize according to their business needs and deploy them for their business targetted countries.

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Traders Benefits

  • 24X7 Automated Trading.
  • Calculate profit and risks.
  • Accumulates Live Market.
  • Backtesting.
  • Execute Trades On Time.
  • Emotionless Trading.
  • Place Orders at Highest Price.
  • Signal Generators.

Admin Benefits

  • Fixed Percentage Of Fee.
  • Increased Traders Acquisition.
  • Perfect Balance In Liquidity.
  • Creates Trust.
  • Higher Trading Throughput.
  • Import Historical Market Data.
  • Non-Stop Trading.
  • Hypersonic Speed of Execution.

Features Of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Push Notifications

Automated Trading

Semi-Automatic Bots

Fully Automatic Bots

Crypto Portfolio

User-Friendly Interface

Why ZiLab ?

Connect 20+ Exchanges

You can connect 20+ various exchange accounts on your bot application and can manage all your assets at one place.

Proven Strategies

Our bot applications have been empowered with many proven strategies that can help traders to earn more profit.

Pro Tools

Clear cut trading charts, arbitrage trading, Market-Making & more tools can help you to make fine tuned trading on various exchanges.

Easy Customization

Trading trends often change. We at ZiLab build trading bots that can be easily customized for any kind of upgrade.

Create Your Trading Bot and Make Trading