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Build Next-Gen Crowdfunding Platform With Blockchain.
Make It Simple For Your Users To Successfully Raise Funds And Invest For Any Cause By Launching a super cool crowdfunding platform.

Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Development

Zilab, a top-notch Blockchain Based Crowdfunding Platform Development Company, delivers a future-rich crowdfunding platform for our clients. The motto of these platforms is to raise funds for any cause. There are various types of crowdfunding platforms. But peer-to-peer, equity, donations, and rewards are popular.
We offer highly scalable and completely customizable design & development of all types of crowdfunding platforms with blockchains. Our experts are skilled in creating smart blockchain where you can create your secured crowdfunding platform.

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    Limitations In Traditional Crowdfunding Platforms

    Decentralized Data

    DIY Marketing

    Inflexible Rules And Regulations

    Lack Of Security In Property

    How Does Blockchain Support Crowdfunding?

    Available Globally

    Increased Accessibility To Equity

    On-Time Preparations

    Peer-To-Peer Exchanges

    Decentralized Fundraising

    Add-On Funding Option

    Blockchain Based Crowdfunding Solutions From Zilab

    Decentralized Fundraising

    In decentralized fundraising, the process is transparent and KYC compliant. The smart contracts will provide money for projects only when the target is reached. So, the stakeholders will vote for the project’s legality in a democratic way.

    Centralized Fundraising

    The crowdfunding platform works with the middleman as central authority. The middle man is responsible for trust, fundraising and fund distribution. The project may get completed or the supporters may claim not to support the project.

    Types Of Blockchain Crowdfudning


    Equity crowdfunding is a method in which the funds are raised online from investors to invest in a business. And so the investor will have equal ownership in the company. A proportion will be staked to their investment.


    Donation crowdfunding is a way in which individuals run campaigns & raise funds to support personal/social causes with no return for money to contributors. This is completely based on the contributors willingness to donate.


    In Reward based crowdfunding, the individuals donate to a startup or to a crowdfunding idea. As a return for their donation, they expect rewards like goods, services, T-shirts, etc. Rewards are based on the funding size.

    Peer-To-Peer Lending

    The peer-to-peer lending crowdfunding allows the individuals to get loans straightly from other people & removes the intervention of the middleman. Within the deadline the loan must be refunded with an accepted interest rate.

    Real Estate

    In this crowdfunding model, it proposes prospects to the people for investing in real estate projects. The people interested in investing can fund. It eliminates the dealing with contractors, mortgage brokers & agents.

    Profit-Sharing / Revenue-Sharing

    In a profit-sharing or revenue-sharing based crowdfunding model the lenders will receive payments according to the financial result of the business. Annually based revenue & pre-determined shares can also be given from the profit.

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