Metaverse Game Development Company

Metaverse became a trend, everything started to change as virtual. Let’s build a new social and investment opportunity through metaverse games, where players can gather, interact, invest, play and earn in cryptos.

Metaverse Game Development

Metaverse has become a hot topic of the world, its market size, industry data, demographics are drastically increasing positively upwards. It is predicted that, by the end of 2030, almost 25% of people will spend at least an hour in metaverse, and around 30% of software companies will be ready to avail products, services and solutions related to metaverse. This becomes the potluck for entrepreneurs who wish to start a groundbreaking business in the metaverse space.
As a metaverse game development company, we at ZiLab underpin the success of gamers, entrepreneurs and investors by helping them to launch a feature-rich, virtual metaverse game with fine tuned technology incorporation. Do you wanna create your metaverse game? Get connected with our experts.

Our Metaverse Game Development Services

Avatar Creation Services

Game characters are the key role for a metaverse game, making the better avatar will attract more gamers.

3D Modeling Services

Create a 3D view of game assets, lands, buildings and make a clear decision on whether they can represent the real theme of the game you develop.

3D Animation Service

Animate the created 3D spaces, game assets in a better way and make them interactive, so that users can experience the originality of the virtual world.

UI/UX Design And Development

The success of a metaverse game purely holded to the advancement of UI/UX.At ZiLab we design and develop crystal-clear UI and UX.

Technology And Tools

ZiLab takes the entire responsibility to integrate the required technologies, tools and APIs to your metaverse game in the most enhanced way by hiring experts.

Hosting And Maintenance

We host your developed metaverse game on preferred cloud storage, server and blockchain framework also we are ready to assist you in 24 hours.

Metaverse Game Development Solutions

Play To Earn Game Development

Play to earn games are more lucrative as they facilitate gamers and investors to earn just by playing the game. One can easily generate more revenue by participating inside a p2e game.

Role Play Game Development

These kinds of games let the player take control of the chosen character, and the development of the character will be fully dependent on the decision made by the player.

Move To Earn Game Development

Move to earn game is the recent trend in crypto space. This type of game will let the users get rewarded with cryptos just by doing a workout. It may be jogging, walking, or any other physical activity.

Sleep To Earn Game Development

This is a new type of game that places healthy habits and reduces the sleeping disorders as the focal point, which lets the users get rewarded based on the hours of sleeping.

Types Of Metaverse Games We Develop

Casino Game

Casino Game

Action Games

Adventure Games

Battle Games

Card Games

Ludo Game

Buzzle Game

Fantasy Sports Game

Collectibles Game

Features Of Metaverse Games

Crypto Wallet

Fine Tuned UI/UX

3D Virtual Spaces



Cross Chain Interoperability

Digital Lands

Smart Contract

Why Create Metaverse Games?

The Gaming aspirants always have a dream of living in the game. Traditional video games couldn’t fulfill the expectation of gamers even if they are created with advanced graphics features. Metaverse picked this pain point of the gamers, and started to rule the gaming industry unconditionally in all aspects. Metaverse games give a real time experience, gamers would feel like they are living inside the game.

Real Time Experience

Guaranteed ROI

Wide Audience Reach

Complete Decentralization

Cross Chain Consent

Risk Free

Lets Bridge The Gap Between The Reality And Imaginary Through The Metaverse! Create Your Metaverse Game With ZiLab!