Blockchain Development For Supply Chain

Build Flexible, Clear, & Trusted BlokChains For Supply Chain to fix issues quickly and maintain a steady relationship with the customer.

Blockchain Supply Chain Development Company

ZiLab, as a leading enterprise blockchain development company, offers blockchain supply chain solutions for startups and enterprises to enhance their transparency and traceability issues. ZiLab has a bunch of blockchain experts who keep working to deploy blockchain technology to its fullest in various technologies. Our blockchain supply chain solutions are all set to bring disruption to supply chain operations in various industries.

Blockchain In Supply Chain Development Services

Following are the blockchain supply chain development services that can help you to succeed in business goals using blockchain.

Requisitions Management

Supplier Catalog Management

Contract Price Management

Invoices Processing

Goods & Services Purchase

Tangible Receipts Creation

How ZiLab Is Fortifying Blockchains Supply Chains?

Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain project that provides secure and scalable open-source distributed ledgers with permissions and privacy as its core element. And the ledger is accessible only to the peers of the same channel.
  • Low Latency
  • High throughput
  • Faster Send Rates
  • Increased Privacy Control
Multichain is an ecosystem in which several blockchains are interconnected to one another. The motto is to improve the user experience. This overcomes the scalability issues faced while using other blockchains.
  • Highly Flexible
  • Cost Control
  • Compatible
  • Multi-Sig Security

Challenges Faced In The Traditional Supply Chain Industry

Following are some of the problems faced in the supply chain industry.

No Common Database
In spite of the universal market being connected to one another, many businesses are not sharing their database. This is leading to lack of communication between the firms and favours exploiters.
Minimal Asset Traceability
Despite offering modern processes and equipment, tracking the assets is still difficult. This helps the exploiters replace original products with dummies.
Unwanted Charges
Every organization individually spends funds for collecting the same data as the firms keep the data confined, leading to an unwanted increase in capital and efforts.
Pro-Longed Assessments
In supply chain management, accessing the asset’s quality is very difficult as it is a lengthy process. They are facing high consequences as there is no efficient risk management system.

Why Blockchain For Supply Chain?

Blockchain is a game changer for supply chain management. And blockchain technology will change the way the supply chain ecosystem works. Following are the some of the reasons to choose blockchain for supply chain.
  • Live Tracking
  • High Speed Processing
  • Enhanced Traceability
  • Healthy Relationship With Consumers
  • Huge Return On Investment
  • Enriched Trading

Blockchain in Supplychain Architecture

Reinforce Supply Chains with Blockchain

#Blockchain Development Solutions for Various Supply Chain

Blockchain In Manufacturing Supply Chain

Zilab offers blockchain in the supply chain for the manufacturing industry that facilitates the transfer and transformation of raw materials into finished products.

Blockchain In Logistics Supply Chain

Blockchain in supply chain logistics solutions from ZiLab coordinate the storage and shipping of goods and services across the supply chain. It helps in maintaining goods.

Blockchain In Food Supply Chain

Our blockchain solutions in the supply chain for the food industry ensures the quality of food & delivery of food to the right people. This avoids foodborne diseases, contamination, etc.

Blockchain In Agriculture Supply Chain

Our blockchain solutions for agriculture supply chain provides a possible way to track the time of production to delivery of the product to the consumer generating trust between business players.

Blockchain In Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain

Blockchain in supply chain solutions for pharmaceuticals from ZiLab is the means through which prescription medicines are manufactured and delivered to patients.

Benefits Of Blockchain In Supply Chain Management

Protected Interactions

Blockchain acts as the only one solution for interactions between all the users in the supply chain. Here only the desired users can access the data.

Unbiased Trading

Blockchain in the supply chain can check and view a product's complete details. This reduces the counterfeit goods and holds on ethical trade, & human rights.

Resilient Supply Chain

The blockchain in the supply chain uses smart contracts that will work automatically when pre-set business conditions happen. This increased the ability to take action earlier

Industries We Focus

As we are expert in adopting trending technologies, we are capable of extending our blockchain supply chain solutions across many industries.


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