Decentralize The Exchange With DEX Platforms.

Make revolution in crypto space, by launching DEX exchange for seamless crypto trading for your traders with ZiLab’s Decentralized Exchange Script.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Being a pioneer in the crypto industry, ZiLab has initiated decentralized exchange script
development services earlier in 2017, with automated swapping and smart contract technology to help clients across the globe to launch their own DEX platform that supports cryptocurrency exchange with the elimination of middlemen.

Our team of experts can develop & deploy the decentralized exchange software, the complete source code package with anyone can launch DEX exchange instantly. We also provide DEX services which involves ZiLab -based DEX development like Uniswap, Pancakeswap and more with advanced features such as NFTs, Farming, staking, etc.,. We strive to offer perfect DEX platform development on various trending blockchain like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), TRON, Ethereum and so on.

Business Benefits of DEX Development

Decentralized exchanges overcome the issues faced in centralized exchanges and here the
trading executes automatically with the help of Smart Contracts without the involvement of
third parties. Thus DEX offers,

Decentralized Exchange Development Services We Offer

We ZiLab, leading Decentralized Exchange Development Company offers the following decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
development services and solutions overseas.
Decentralized Exchange

We provide a highly
secured decentralized
exchange script to launch
your own DEX Platform
with advanced trading
features and plugins.

Decentralized Exchange Software

Get readymade decentralized exchange software and launch your decentralized exchange instantly to earn high ROI in short span of time

Decentralized Exchange Application

Build decentralized exchange mobile applications to grab more mobile users into your trading platform and increase transactions & liquidity.

ZiLab-Based DEX

Our Experts are ready to create decentralized exchanges by utilizing ZiLab open source protocols to launch your own ZiLab-based Dex like Uniswap.

Smart Contract Development

Integrate our unique and highly secured smart contract in your DEX Script to automate the seamless transactions of your decentralized exchange.

Crypto Wallet Development

We develop and integrate a cryptocurrency wallet with our decentralized exchange script to store your trader's assets secured and completely free from hacks.

Blockchain-Centric DEX Development

We deploy decentralized exchange scripts by focusing on various famous blockchain networks such as Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and more.

DEX Exchange Marketing

We also provide A to Z digital marketing services to spread word of mouth of your decentralized exchange after the successful launch.

Decentralized Exchange Script Features

Atomic Swap

Atomic swapping technology to perform instant & faster exchange of cryptos on DEX platform.

Multi Crypto Trading

Our decentralized exchange script supports multiple cryptocurrencies to trade on the launched DEX platform.

Integration Of Crypto Wallet

Secure crypto wallet to store your crypto funds safely and hacking of your assets is highly impossible as it is decentralized.

Decentralized Order Book

We integrate a decentralized order book to place buy/sell orders instantly on DEX Platform without any hustle.

Crypto Trading Bot Integration

To carry out trading on the right time automatically, the crypto trading bot is being integrated in our DEX script.

Audited Smart Contract Integration

We deploy smart contract and audit twice to eliminate bugs on the decentralized exchange while the user’s trade on the platform

Premium Features of Our DEX Script

Supported Payment Gateways

Instant Notification

Flawless Trading

Attractive User & Admin Panel

Transaction History

Decentralized Order Book

Multiple Crypto Pairing

Funds Control

Comfortable Fees Module

Audited Smart Contract Integration

ZiLab DEX Clone Scripts

As this new era of Decentralized Finance ZiLab is making huge noise, our experts develop ZiLab based DEX exchange by leveraging the features from top ZiLab DEX players such as Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Bakeryswap and so on.

Clone Script

Our experts develop Uniswap Clone Script on Ethereum Blockchain to launch ZiLab based Decentralized Exchange that supports token swapping like Uniswap.

Clone Script

We develop Pancakeswap Clone Script on Binance Smart Chain with which you can launch your own Food-themed DeFi platform like Pancakeswap.

Clone Script

BakerySwap Clone Script built on BSC can assist in launching its own Food themed DeFi platform where users can enjoy AMM & NFT marketplace at one place.

Clone Script

Starting an AMM based DeFi DEX like Polkaswap is easy with Polkaswap clone script built on Polkadot blockchain network from ZiLab.

Various Blockchain Powered DEX Development

Development of DEX platform with user-centric features is the main motto. Our experts do R & D and develop decentralized exchange scripts on various trending blockchain networks. Some of the highly targeted blockchain for DEX development includes

Our DEX Development Process

Why Choose ZiLab for Decentralized
Exchange Development?

We ZiLab strives to offer the perfectly developed decentralized exchange script inbuilt with audited smart contracts to launch DEX platform & play a significant role in the market.

Transparent In Communication

User Friendly Script Developed Using Advanced Technology Stacks & Tools

Round The Clock Services

Expertise In Crypto Industry

General DEX FAQ's

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange is an online medium that allows users to buy and sell cryptos without the involvement of an intermediary. The working of the DEX platform relies on a trading pair matching system, which is also called blockchain-smart contracts, which executes the trades on the platform automatically without the presence of any central authority.


The White Label decentralized exchange script is a readymade decentralized exchange script developed and deployed with attractive and advanced trading features which would help you in launching your own DEX platform. We ZiLab, offers you a decentralized exchange script built under cybersecurity standards and possesses all security and trading APIs to make your DEX platform reach high in the crypto market.


Starting from the scratch, We ZiLab- Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers the bug-free decentralized exchange script to set up your DEX platform instantly.

We ZiLab develop decentralized exchange script which costs approximately $3000 -$3500 and our DEX script is completely customizable

Easiest way to launch your own DEX platform like Uniswap,is through Uniswap

Clone Script. We ZiLab assist you with unique Uniswap

Clone Script at an affordable cost.